Fists Martial Arts – Our Program

At “Fists of Mystery and Truth” we cover all aspects of the Martial Arts (striking, grappling, throwing, groundwork). This is distinctly balanced with an emphasis on building exceptional fitness and character. There is not a better or more developed program to be found anywhere.

Moreover, our program has 3 fully developed characteristic practices,

(1) ESSENCE – Solo training for agility and structure, power development, growth in mind body and spirit.

(2) INTERACTION – Combative partner work with applications and strategies.

(3) INTEGRATION – Real-time combatives, sparring, and generalization of experiences applied to everyday life.

Each of these practices can be a lifetime of work on its own and it is often taught that way, but a fully balanced practice of all of these combined is the traditional path. We follow this traditional path with a modern mind.

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