Martial Art Classes – Baguazhang – Longfist – Sanda

Classes are currently held in Surrey. For info call 604-786-0874 or send an email to Fists of Mystery and Truth

About Us…

Our club practices the martial arts of “Chaquan (Cha/Hua)”, “Baguazhang” and Sanda. Join us and enjoy greater health, happiness, personal safety, and peace of mind.

Explore the mystery, pragmatism, and beauty of these martial arts for yourself.

What is Kung Fu…

“A mystery. It cultivates longevity and the essence of life. It fortifies composure and well being. Aligns thoughts, emotions, perceptions, body, and actions with a higher manifestation of ones self. It is an elixir for personal strength. It is peerless self defense. It is a path.”

“It resonates deeply. It enables absolutely. Wise people invest great time and effort into its practice. All should know it, but somehow it seems to choose. Will it be you?”

The “Fists of Mystery and Truth” club in Surrey/Vancouver

This is an epic journey into a world of strength, vitality, and movement.

It has kept me inspired and deeply involved in martial arts for almost 50 years. You can boil down the core principles of the most effective arts into just a few   words.

Mind, Energy, Strength, and Functional Unity.

Volumes have been written about these over time. No martial art is complete without a strong curriculum that addresses them.

In our program, we have that. We follow a traditional path of knowledge along with training and practices that have been given to us in trust – a syllabus created by iconic masters of martial arts – past and present. We enhance our understanding of that path with knowledge of all martial arts, with sport science, and with continuous testing that challenges our combative concepts. Ultimately, it is about attaining domain over your body, over your fears, over anything that would defeat you. About being a source of strength and integrity in the world. That’s why we train. We train hard and have a lot of fun doing it. Want to join?

Fill your life with fitness, strength, agility and confidence.

Send email or call (604) 786-0874 for more info – or attend a meetup in person. I look forward to meeting you!

Sifu John Spak

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