Martial Art Classes – Baguazhang – Cha Quan – Bagua Qi Gong


In our Martial Arts Program, we strive through evidence based research,  to follow the same practices as those used by the legendary masters who created our Kung Fu.

For example “Baguazhang” (the main style at our club) is taught in conjunction with “Longfist” just as Dong Hai Chuan, the creator of “Baguazhang”, did.

There is a good reason for this(as with the rest of his teachings) – and we think it is essential to follow what we know of his actual training method in order to be truly Bagua.

  Defend yourself…

Fill your life with fitness, strength, agility and confidence.


   “A mystery. It cultivates longevity and the essence of life. It fortifies composure and well being. Aligns thoughts, emotions, perceptions, body, and actions with a higher manifestation of ones self. It is an elixir for personal strength.”

   “It resonates deeply. It enables absolutely. Wise people invest great time and effort into its practice. All should know it, but somehow it seems to choose.”

    About Us…

We practice the Internal martial art of Bagua Zhang and the the “Longfist” martial art of Zhaquan (Chaquan).

These martial arts are mystery, invention, pragmatism, and beauty all rolled up into a single practice. They are an extremely effective means of self-defence and at the same time a cerebral means of self-discovery and energetics. They are peerless.

Classes are ongoing in Surrey.

Send email or call 604 786 0874 for more info – or attend a free meetup in person. I look forward to meeting you!

Sifu John Spak

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