About Us…

Our mission is to spread the benefits of Kung fu to as many people as we can!  Enjoy health, happiness, personal safety, and peace of mind.

Join us and explore the mystery, invention, pragmatism, and beauty of these martial arts for yourself. Its healthy, rewarding, and fun.

What is Kung Fu…

   “A mystery. It cultivates longevity and the essence of life. It fortifies composure and well being. Aligns thoughts, emotions, perceptions, body, and actions with a higher manifestation of ones self. It is an elixir for personal strength. It is peerless self defense. It is a path.”

   “It resonates deeply. It enables absolutely. Wise people invest great time and effort into its practice. All should know it, but somehow it seems to choose. Will it be you?”

The “Fists of Mystery and Truth” club in Surrey/Vancouver

In our Martial Arts Program we strive, through evidence based research,  to instill similar training practices and traditional knowledge as was known by the  legendary masters of the past. We build on that.

The reason for this simple – we think it is essential to have and to understand the complete training method in order to reap similar results.

For example “Baguazhang” at our club is taught in conjunction with “Longfist” just as Dong Hai Chuan, the creator of “Baguazhang”, did. This builds power, agility, and a range of motion that you just can’t get in any other way.

You can Depend on Yourself to Defend Yourself…

 Fill your life with fitness, strength, agility and confidence.

Classes are currently held in Surrey and Vancouver.

Send email or call (604) 786-0874 for more info – or attend a free meetup in person. I look forward to meeting you!

Sifu John Spak

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